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12 Jan 2022
Year 2022
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Pets are human’s best companions. They provide us with company and emotional support whenever needed. At Great World Serviced Apartments, we understand that pets are part of the family and welcome them.

When you travel or relocate with your pets, there are some rules and things to note before your departure. During the relocation, you may also notice changes in your pet’s behaviour due to a change in environment. Below are some travel trips for pets shared by The Wagington, Singapore’s finest and most luxurious 5 stars pet hotel.


  1. What are some useful information to note, especially during Covid?

In Singapore, the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) is the main touch-point on animal and veterinary matters. Their website offers full guidelines on the procedures for bringing pets into Singapore. It is crucial to stay updated, especially with the rapidly changing travel restrictions and quarantine rules.

We may need to serve quarantine in some countries we travel to. Be it entering or leaving the country, it is recommended for pet owners to plan and book a boarding place for their pets prior to your departure to ensure they have a comfortable and smooth experience with the change and transition.

One of the pet hotels you can accommodate your pet will be The Wagington. At The Wagington, they understand the stress that comes with travel, especially with a pet. They have an option where pet owners may send their pets to try out for a day before their boarding period to allow them to familiarise with the environment.


  1. Types of vaccination pets require before entering Singapore

It is necessary to understand the vaccination guidelines required before entering Singapore.

There are certain types of vaccines required by pet hotel boarding or day-care facilities in Singapore. Those vaccinations are usually for Canine distemper virus, Canine adenovirus, Canine parvovirus, and Kennel Cough. Find out more on different types of vaccinations for your dogs and cats here.


  1. What behavioural changes to note when there is a change in environment? 

Absence of owner: Similary to children, pets have distinct personalities and coping mechanisms in dealing with change. A pet might express its longing for its owner through whimpering, the need for more affection, or even withdrawal. Particularly for dogs, the way they act around their owners may differ from how they behave when their owners are not physically present.

New variables in one’s environment: A pet will require some time to get used to unfamiliar humans, dogs, or cats. How fast a pet assimilates with the new environment is dependent on its temperament, personality, and comfort.

At The Wagington, there is a 24/7 caretaker which allows them to track any unique behaviours or figure out the best way for the pet to adapt to its new environment.


  1. How can we help them adjust better to changes?

The use of familiar items: Pets are particularly sensitive to scent. Items like a home blanket or toy can help ease any separation anxiety or provide comfort during a change of physical environment.

Unique treats: Leave special gourmet treats or fresh food to ensure your pets continuously have something to look forward to and reward for good behaviour. When onboarding the pets at a pet hotel, pet owners can inform them of their feeding time, quantity, and restrictions before leaving their pets overnight.

Playtime and socialisation with other pets: One should never underestimate the power of intermingling as it fulfils their basic primal needs for survival. Dogs are pack animals by nature, which means although they’ve been more domesticated or humanised over time through evolution, their core need is to learn how to function in a pack. It allows them to learn social and adaptation skills which are at the core of a well-behaved pet.


  1. How long does it take for them to adjust to a new place?

The adjustment period depends on two key factors: the pet’s temperament or personality and physical environment. As aforementioned, a good healthy environment is essential for a pet to adapt themselves, like having playtime, spaces, treats, human-dog interaction and intermingling with other dogs. Therefore, sending your pet to regular day-care and boarding is one of the long-term options if you are overwhelmed with work.


  1. Any other advice for pet owners?

Leaving your pet at home while you travel? It may be difficult for first-time pawrents as you may feel a little anxiety and concern during the short separation. But this separation at times is good so that owners can build less co-dependence and develop a healthier relationship with their pet in the long-term. Essentially, a dog or cat can be seen as a child so by sending them to boarding or day-care services, they can learn social and co-living skills.

At The Wagington, pets have their own rooms equipped with their own 24/7 camera access, daily pack swims, walks and playtime in the pens to ensure there is a comprehensive schedule to give both owners and pets the best experience or ease of mind.



At Great World Serviced Apartments, we understand the feeling of wanting our beloved pets around us to experience more adventures with them. We are one of the few serviced apartments that can house your pet, be it fishes, cats or dogs. Feel closer to home as you spend quality time with your pet.

Plan your stay now at today.



Situated in the heart of the city below Dempsey Hill in a small village on Loewen Road, surrounded by verdant greenery, tranquillity and nature, a heritage standalone old colonial conservation house transformed into the finest and most luxurious 5 stars pet hotel in Singapore.

The Wagington offers all discerning pets with an aristocrat experience that have exceeded all kennels industry standards and together with a team of trained canine professionals, we provide owners with an incomparable peace of mind in an unparalleled five stars resort beyond imagination.

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